Food for fitness – what should a sports person eat ?


What should a sports person eat ? – both athletes and non athletes need the same nutrients ( carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins ,minerals and hydration ) but they need them in different quantities and proportions ( it can also depend on the sports they  are involved in as well )

Carbohydrates , protein and fats are needed by the body to produce energy. Vitamins and minerals don’t produce energy but are the body’s  spark plugs to help it to performance goals of efficiency and speed.

It is essential to get the right food groups in the right proportions to fuel your sport. Many sports people over train to get the competitive edge when it can also be achieved by looking at your meal intakes and hydration levels.

Lets look at carbs first ( energy foods) and two ways to increase your carb intake – add fresh fruit to your breakfast cereal or make a smoothie for breakfast with fresh fruit in it – see our blog for smoothie recipes


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