Kefir Ice-Pops

Made with milk kefir and a selection of fruits of your choice, these homemade kefir ice-pops are the perfect alternative for highly processed shop-bought ice-creams.

They’re really easy to make because you can just whip them up in the blender, pop them in a ice-pop mould and into the freezer. And the best thing is that you know you’re supporting your family’s health as kefir has a multitude health supporting benefits.

I got my ice-pop moulds in Ikea.

What is kefir?

Kefir is a fermented drink, traditionally made with either cow or goat milk, originating in eastern Europe and Southwest Asia. Milk kefir is high in nutrients and probiotics and has gained popularity for being beneficial for digestion and gut health.

The kefir grains used to make kefir feed of the lactose in milk, fermenting the milk. During this process the microorganisms in the kefir grains multiply and ferment the sugars in the milk, turning it into kefir. As a result milk kefir contains more beneficial bacteria than any other fermented milk product, including yogurt1.

Kefir is also high in vitamins such as vitamins B12, B2 and magnesium. A serving also contains approximately one quarter of your calcium intake2.

It is easy to make at home with kefir grains and milk. For more details on how to make it see this blog post. However, if you’re unsure if this is for you, you can now buy pre-made kefir in any major supermarkets to try out.


Ever since I came across kefir over six years ago it has become a staple in our family’s daily life. My girls take it in smoothies, which they now make themselves with their own concoctions of fruit, nuts and seeds.

Kefir Ice-pops are a great way to add nutrition to a summer staple, but also a handy way to store any leftover smoothie mixture.

These two Kefir ice-pops – Kiwi & Banana and Strawberry & Apricot below are also great ways to get different fruits into anyone’s diet. My three girls are great for eating fruit, but as with anyone they tend to stick with the same ones. Only one of girls likes apricots, but with adding in the strawberries they don’t know the apricot is there and I’ve managed to add in some diversity to their fruit intake!

Kefir ice-pops

Milk Kefir and Fruit Ice-pops

Made with milk kefir and a selection of fruits of your choice, these homemade kefir ice-pops are the perfect alternative for highly processed shop-bought ice-creams.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Snack
Servings 6 ice-pops


  • Blender
  • Ice-pop moulds I got mine in Ikea


  • 250 ml Milk Kefir
  • ½ Banana green

For the Kiwi and Banana Ice-Pops

  • 3 Kiwi peeled
  • 2 tsp Maple syrup

For the Apricot and Strawberry Ice-pops

  • 4 small Apricots de-stoned
  • 1 handful Strawberries


  • Thinly slice 1 kiwi fruit or a couple of strawberries. These are for decoration.
  • Depending on which ice-pops you are making place all the other ingredients in the blender. Taste for sweetness, baring in mind that when frozen the ice-pop will not be as sweet. If needed add in a little more maple syrup.
  • Place some of the kiwi or strawberry slices on the inside of your ice-pop moulds. This is not necessary but will add some wow-factor!
  • Pour the blitzed kefir mixture into the moulds and place the lids on top.
  • Place in the freezer and freeze for 4-6 hours.
  • Once frozen remove and enjoy!
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