Are you suffering with symptoms of the Menopause?


The most common symptoms are:

}  Mood swings, irritability, depression

}  Hot flushes and night sweats

}  Headaches

}  Insomnia

}  Loss of sex drive, vaginal dryness and recurrent vaginal infections

}  Weight changes

}  Bone loss of calcium may occur

Did you know that a well-balanced diet is essential during the menopause as it enables the body to adjust automatically to the hormone changes that are taking place. A healthy diet can support optimum oestrogen levels from the adrenal glands and fat deposits.

A Healthy Diet = A Healthy Body. Your diet determines the quality of your health and the body’s ability to heal itself and keep itself in balance, after all you really are what you eat!

At The Nutrition Clinic we can help you build a tailor made specific diet to help you manage your symptoms of the menopause. For more information please contact us on 059 9164991 or check out our website www.nutritionclinic.ie.


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