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You’re here because you’re exhausted and confused


And you know it has to be easier than this


I’m passionate about helping busy people nourish their health so that they have the energy, vitality and know-how to achieve the best out of their lives.

Through my passion for passing on the knowledge of the ‘why’ behind all the best nutrition and wellbeing advice I ensure that you have a deeper understanding of the changes you start making to nourish your health.

Together we’ll create a wellbeing plan that is tailored to your health needs, lifestyle and goals.

I work with clients who

Are exhausted, confused but it wasn’t always like this, but they need some guidance and support right now

Are interested in having a deeper understanding of what it is to be nourished and healthy

While leading busy lives, see the benefits of nourishing their health for the future

Whatever support you need, I’m here to help

My 3 Pillar process

for resilient health through a nourished gut

My 3

Pillar process

for resilient health through a nourished gut

1. Nourish & Cleanse

2. Feed & Nurture

3. Habits for Life

These 3 pillars form the basis of nourished health, energy and wellbeing

Start your journey today and work with me

Totally Nourished

Totally Nourished is a tailored nutrition and lifestyle mentoring 10-week program, through which we take your health goals and put the steps in place for you to achieve them.

Nourishing Power Hour

This is perfect if you already have a good diet or understanding of your needs, but want to level up.

Or you have worked with me in the past and would like a refresh

What my clients say

I attended one of Suzanne’s on-line workshops. I found it very interesting and so easy to implement. I will definitely be changing some of my eating habits!

I have passed on some of Suzanne’s tips to my daughters and I’m making my own granola now.

Siobhan, Carlow

Before I worked with Suzanne I was suffering with itermittant stomach problems and I didn’t know what to eat. 

As well as learning what foods are better for me and my gut health, with Suzanne’s protocol my stomach problems have cleared.

I have already recommended her to a friend of mine.

Aengus, Galway

It was brilliant to speak with Suzanne and get clarity on what I needed to do. I was suffering with constipation for about a year before our session and it was really impacting me. Suzanne gave me direct and easy to understand advice.

Suzanne really listened to me and understood what I was going through.

Sheila, Cork


I’ve listed here the most common questions I’m contacted about but if you have any others or are curious about my work then drop me an email.

I'm not sure which choice is suitable for me?

That’s okay, you don’t need to! The best thing to do is to book a call with me and we can talk it through and see which option is best. I’ll be honest about what I think fits best and you can go away and consider your options. If I feel you could use more specialised support from another therapist I will make a recommendation.

How much time do I need to commit to working with you?

In terms of actual 1:1 face-to-face or online call time, on Totally Nourished we have an intial session of 90-minutes to get all your background information and get clear on your goals, and then speak every 2-3 weeks for 45-minutes. Beyond that I would recommend to set aside 1 -2 hours a week to go through the additional trainings and plan your meals for the coming week.

For the Nourishing Power Hour you’ll need just over an hour for our on-line session and then one 30-minute session 4-6 weeks later.

We don’t have a magic wand when it comes to improving our health and wellbeing (if only!) And I can’t come around to shop and cook for you, however I will be in your pocket to keep you motivated and on track as you implement the changes. 

What health concerns do you focus on in your clinic?

Gut health is my main area of interest, and with that I have worked with clients suffering with constipation, diarrhoea and bloating. However, as I work through a gut-centred approach to health & wellbeing this would also support better heart health, as well as hormonal and other health complaints.

Note: If you have a pre-diagnosed health complaint, you do need to get approval from your GP or medical team before starting any new nutrition & lifestyle protocol.