Learn how nutrition can help sports performance and recovery from injury

Optimal Physical Performance – the five goals of a sports person  according to Anthony Haynes


1.Energy & Stamina –having the get up and go to do the training, sustain energy levels and keep going when it gets tough, as well as be able to do a job of work or study during  the day.

2.Concentration–having the ability to focus on the skill at exactly the right time, and knowing when to peak and narrow that concentration on the job at hand when it really matters.

3.Strength–to reap and maintain the anabolic rewards from training in the most efficient way, making the event less challenging

4.Immunity–being well and NOT getting ill or injured is as vital as putting in the correct training and having the best psychological attitude. Optimal nutrition combined with proper recovery can achieve this.

5.Recovery–fundamental to the ability to perform week in and week out, is having proper physical and psychological recovery. The only way to achieve this with optimal performance is to have the very best nutritional support possible, combined with adequate rest


The Nutrition Clinic Carlow can help you target your diet and nutrition to achieving the above goals . Contact us on 0599164991 to discuss further .

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