Always Hungry ,here is why

According  to Dr  Mark Hyman Books on weight loss fall into 2 categories: Books by “experts” advocating some variations of the same advice we’ve heard for years: eat less/exercise more, and books by celebrities, often with interesting new approaches, but lacking on the science.  

And then there’s a third category with just one book:  It’s Always Hungry? written by Harvard Professor David Ludwig.  This book not only offers a radical new way to think about weight loss, it’s written by a physician and scientist who’s actually doing research (and publishing it in the world’s leading medical journals).

The plan in Always Hungry? is the opposite of low calorie/low fat — and completely compatible with recommendations in my new book, Eat Fat Get Thin, coming out next month.  On his diet, you’ll eat high fat foods like nuts and nut butters, full fat dairy, luscious sauces and spreads; savory proteins (with vegetarian options) and whole food natural carbohydrates.  And because this approach works with, rather than against, your biology, you eat until satisfied, snack when hungry, and never count calories again.  This is a diet without deprivation.

  You can order David Ludwig’s Book On Amazon

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