Could you be suffering with IBS ?


At the 13th International Congress of Gastroenterology in Rome, Italy in 1988 a group of physicians defined criteria to more accurately diagnose IBS. Known as the “Rome Criteria,” this set of guidelines that outlines symptoms and applies parameters such as frequency and duration make possible a more accurate diagnosis of IBS.

The Rome criteria are:

1.3 months of continuous or recurring symptoms of abdominal pain or irritation that
•May be relieved with a bowel movement,
•May be coupled with a change in frequency, or
•May be related to a change in the consistency of stools.

2.Two or more of the following are present at least 25 percent (one quarter) of the time:
•A change in stool frequency (more than 3 bowel movement per day or fewer than 3 bowel movements per week)
•Noticeable difference in stool form (hard, loose and watery stools or poorly formed stools)
•Passage of mucous in stools
•Bloating or feeling of abdominal distention
•Altered stool passage (e.g. sensations of incomplete evacuation, straining, or urgency)

Symptoms in the Rome Criteria are not the only indicators of IBS. Extra intestinal symptoms include:
•Full sensation after even a small meal

if you need help or advice on managing IBS contact our clinic on 0599164991. During October we will have lots of advice and tips for managing IBS.

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