You’re tired of feeling sick and want embrace life again

You have been suffering in near silence for years. Bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, pain – sometimes everything all at once.

You want to start living life on your terms and stop having to think about your tummy. You want to wear what you want to, have that dinner with friends without being stressed, be out and about without having to search for a toilet.

Hi there, I’m Suzanne and I understand what you’re going through.

Let me tell you a little about me and how I got interested in all things Gut related…

Suzanne Malone Gut Health Nutritional Therapist

The gut is where everything starts for good health – we all have to eat. If eating is what brings us pain and discomfort in the first place, it’s hard to be well and live life as we want to. It upsets me when people tell me they can’t eat, or don’t eat out with friends as their diet its so restrictive and one wrong food can leave them in ribbons.

My favourite question as a child was always ‘Why?’ and I was never satisfied with the basic answers. So when I began to question my knowledge on food and nutrition I wasn’t happy with the answers I got. They never seemed to give the full picture. This led me on my journey into nutrition.

I know finding the solution to your symptoms can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. My heart goes out to people when I hear that they have tried everything and nothing works.

But the solution is out there, and we can find it together.

Once gut symptoms improve, so too does energy, anxiety and overall zest for life –

I’ve seen it so many time with clients I know it can like that for you too.

If you’re looking to find that solution and start down the path to good health and a happier you, I’m here to help.

Before I joined the Nutrition Clinic I worked in a lab which I really enjoyed – it kept my inquisitive nature happy. However, as my passion and knowledge in nutrition grew I knew I had to change. I loved working in the lab, but what I really love now is seeing my clients after years of suffering being able to enjoy life once more….. 

I’m like a  dog with a bone – I never give up!

Today I bring together my experience in science, my inquisitive mind and my compassion to bring the latest tools and knowledge to my clients so that they can experience the results of tailored nutrition for themselves. 

I understand how isolating it can be living with digestive issues such as bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and the anxiety, depression and fatigue that goes with it all. No one can see this on the outside. But I know.

I’m always in your corner, troubleshooting and supporting you every step of your journey

I’ve helped many clients get back on their feet, living life the way they want to, and not how their gut wants too.

So if you’re ready to nourish your digestive health, let’s get started!

Find out more about my 10-week program Totally Nourished

during which we set your health goals and bring them to fruitition