For busy women who juggle work and home lives while running on empty

Reclaim your Energy

(without adding to your overstretched to-do list)


Over 3 days discover the 3 key everyday habits that busy, overstretched women like you need to keep their energy topped up so that by the weekend you still have the energy for the things you love

Get practical tips and simple action points straight to your inbox over 3 days.

Each video will bring you through the why and the how of what basics you need in your routine each day that will make a huge difference to your energy, without overwhelm

Whether you are constantly reaching out for a bar of chocolate at 3pm to lift that energy slump or you’re topping up on coffee to get you through the day – by the end of the week you will have a new routine that works for you. Your energy will be up, your head will be clearer and you will rule the day!

These short videos will help you reclaim more of your energy, with simple daily tasks that you will enjoy! All by teaching you how & why they matter so that they become habits for life


Daily emails with videos to take you through the days task, with tips and ticks on how to incorporate them into an already busy day


A workbook that you can use to track your journey and resources to make those changes easier


Regular emails from me and the opportunity to email me with any questions you may have

By the end of the 3 days you will have seen improvements in your energy and started to take notice of what is helping and hindering your energy

What previous clients have said…

Hello! I’m Suzanne…

Suzanne Malone Gut Health Nutritional Therapist

And I help busy women to thrive and feel nourished in their everyday so they have the energy to do what they want to do.

These three tips are the beginnings of what I call my nonnegotiables when it comes to my health and energy. I know how crazy life can be and by making simple changes to what I ate and how I looked after myself made my day easier and my week more energetic.
I know what it’s like to be pulled in every direction, getting yourself lost in the middle so that you’re not sure if you had lunch or not, or you end up grabbing a high sugary treat with coffee to get you through till tea.

The basics that I’m going to teach you in these 3 days of videos are my everyday daily habits. They are non-negotiable. This means that my blood sugar, a.k.a. my energy, is balanced, so even on a ‘bad’ week it’s still a good week energy wise.

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