Who may benefit?

Nutrition and lifestyle approaches to healthcare have been repeatedly shown to support the health of all the major systems of the body (skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, excretory, endocrine, immune, reproductive and integumentary [skin, hair, nails]).

‘Nearly all (96%) Primary Care Physicians believe the nation’s health care system should be placing more emphasis on nutrition when it comes to the treatment and management of chronic disease’

Hart Research Associates, June 2009

Healthy Digestive Support

Businessman suffering from stomach pain.Enjoying gastrointestinal health is vital to one’s quality of life. Nutrition and its components, including food concentrates and bacteria, are a key component of healthy functional gastrointestinal wellbeing. Over the last number of years, we have worked with many clients to provide them with expert advice and recommendation supporting optimal gastrointestinal health and function. Eating for both health and pleasure is, for some, not achievable at the same time. We understand that striking a balance is sometimes very difficult, fraught with complications, and possibly confused by marketing messages from food manufacturers. As experienced nutritional therapists, we will guide, encourage and support you through your journey towards optimal health and peak condition.

Healthy Hormonal Support

Enjoying the naturePromoting feelings of wellbeing and supporting your ability to adapt to the pressures of a modern lifestyle. Our endocrine system, when operating in perfect health, ensures we enjoy optimal energy levels, a healthy and regulated blood sugar balance, emotional and psychological wellbeing, a state of optimal gastrointestinal health and tolerance to a wide range of foods and different food groups.

Nutritional therapy looks to foods, food concentrates and biological agents (probiotics) to assist and support your body’s normal state of optimal endocrine (hormonal) homeostasis. This can be a difficult area to manage alone, without adequate guidance. Nutritional therapists use a variety of investigations to guide and support you in your discovery and maintenance of your personal health and wellbeing.

Menthe plante médicinaleNutritional support can be helpful in:

  • Maintaining optimal digestion and absorption
  • Promoting tolerance to a wide range of food groups
  • Promoting emotional and psychological wellbeing
  • Promoting healthy energy levels
  • Supporting and encouraging metabolic and hormonal homeostasis
  • Augmenting natural detoxification and elimination
  • Promoting healthy immunity
  • Optimising skin vitality
  • Optimising thyroid function and performance

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