Weight Loss Programme

Healthy Weight Loss

The 5:2 Fast Diet – Fast 2 days a week and eat a low GL diet on 5 days 

diet journalAre you battling an ever-increasing waistline? Are you confused about what to eat?

Let us help and support you to start shedding some of those unwanted pounds. Losing weight and following a diet plan does not need to be boring. Wait till you try some of our weight loss recipes. We will identify the foods that may be inhibitive to your weight loss. Give your body that much needed boost with our practical and balanced approach.


Could food intolerances prevent you from losing weight?

A recent European study suggests we should consider elimination of IgG food allergens as a way of treating obesity and preventing heart disease. That means you don’t limit calories, just foods that cause allergies that in turn cause inflammation. Cleaning up your diet, eliminating allergens and improving the gut’s ecosystem may help you lose those pounds and improve your wellbeing.


Weight Management

Our programme will offer you the following:

  • Your personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Programme
  • Teach you how to adopt long term healthy eating habits
  • Our Weight Loss Guide with advice, recipes, menu plans and food shopping ideas
  • Address your exercise and lifestyle habits
  • Motivational support
  • Optional: Food Intolerance Test to identify possible intolerances

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