I started going to Carlow Nutrition Clinic a few months ago. I knew my diet needed to change because I was feeling sluggish and I was putting on more weight, I had high cholesterol and was worried about diabetes. I needed someone I could trust to sort out all the information about food and diet and just tell me what I needed to know and do. There is so much disinformation out there.

I am delighted with the results. The main benefit to me is the quality of the energy I now have. I am also calmer and sharper mentally. I have lost one stone and am on my way to gaining my right weight. I have taken up running which I would never have considered beforehand. My cholesterol is coming down and I am becoming fitter and healthier, also some aches and pains have mysteriously disappeared.

What really worked for me was that I could make the changes I needed without turning my life upside down and now I go back to get support and help to iron out any issues to keep me on track. I would recommend this course of action to anyone. It only costs the same as a few visits to the doctor and is much better for your health.

Mary, Carlow 2012