Corporate Health

Why is nutrition important for your workforce?

102527951-1The health and wellbeing of a company’s workforce underpins that organisation’s success.

Our Corporate Nutrition Programme can bring many benefits. By changing what and how your staff eat and drink, can help:

  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Increases productivity and effectiveness
  • Assists in recruitment and retention
  • Improves employee motivation and morale
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves overall health and wellbeing with a host of wider benefits
  • Shows the workforce that the company cares enough to invest in preventive health care.
  • Ultimately reduces the human and financial cost of ill-health.

Specialist advice and coaching on nutrition and lifestyle change is a very powerful tool to enable individuals to optimise their potential (in health and performance terms), which ultimately improves their organisation’s productivity and success.

Educational Talks and Seminars

7773180_xxlHeart healthy nutrition

This talk looks at how to lower raised blood pressure, cholesterol and other risk factors without medication – through diet, supplements and lifestyle changes. It will also include heart healthy and cholesterol friendly foods

Weight management

This talk looks at how to lose weight sustainably – without fad diets and hunger or cravings – and how to keep excess weight off. It will teach employees how to change the way they eat permanently. One of the additional benefits is increased energy and vitality.

Managing diabetes through diet

This talk is aimed at people with diabetes or at risk of this condition (for example people with insulin resistance or ‘metabolic syndrome’ – ie, raised blood fats; glucose intolerance; hypertension and excess weight around the middle.

Battle the bugs and boost your immune system

This talk will look at how to improve your resilience to infections, autoimmune disease and cancer through food and supplements.

The good sleep guide

This talk looks at dietary change, supplements and cognitive behavioural changes which can improve the very common condition of insomnia – a factor which will significantly impair individuals’ work performance and personal quality of life.

Corporate Health Days

Nutrition health days

10315512_xxlThese are on-site drop-in events for staff, covering nutrition-related issues such as deciphering food labels; product tasting; and healthy food demonstrations (eg ‘healthy food on- the-run’; ‘breakfasts to power you through the day’). They also allow short 15 minute taster ‘diet checks’ or consultations with our nutritionist.

Nutrition advice on company intranet sites

This can include answers to employee-posted questions on nutrition-related issues and advice such as the latest news and research on nutrition and health, together with tips on issues such as weight management, controlling blood pressure and increasing energy).

Food Consultancy

Food consultancy service: Improving staff canteen services

13728018_xxlThe lunchtime meal determines how employees will work and perform during the afternoon. Over a longer timescale, canteen offerings can influence key health indicators such as brain function, mood, energy, weight, blood pressure, disease risk and overall health and productivity. Providing healthy eating options can positively affect all of these.

This package includes a nutritional audit of your corporate canteen’s offerings, with suggestions on how menus can be improved to optimise employees’ health and wellbeing.

Return to work programmes

We provide general support for occupational health and return-to-work nutritionist intervention for staff on sick leave.

This includes individual packages tailored to the needs of the person concerned and entails advice on dietary recommendations, diagnostic tests, supplements and behavioural change to ameliorate a range of health conditions which have resulted in sick leave. Our therapists aim to promote:

  • Wellbeing within the pressures of a modern lifestyle
  • Healthy energy levels
  • Optimal gastro-intestinal health
  • Tolerance to a wide range of foods
  • Metabolic and hormonal homeostasis
  • Healthy immune function


Please contact our clinic to discuss your company’s specific needs.