I would recommend them very highly to anyone looking for menu information and analysis. 

In an effort to keep up with customer’s demands and a public that is becoming more and more health conscious we asked Aisling and Margot from the Nutrition Clinic in Carlow to look at our menu for health and nutrition reasons.

They gave us a very comprehensive understandable report in which they not only broke down our food into nutritional analysis, health benefits and allergy warnings but also suggested alternatives to improve any areas that our menu fell short on.

We have four busy Asian Restaurants and are very keen to ensure that our menu appeals to as wide a section of the public as possible. Over the last five years it has been a constant battle to keep our customer base and in reality it came down to the value as much as the quality of our menu that has kept us busy.

We can now boast about our menus health benefits and low calories backed up by their expert knowledge.

Paul, Lemongrass Carlow

I was referred to Margot for help with my hormonal imbalances which had caused endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Naturally this was a serious concern for me, so I was very relieved and impressed with Margot’s approach. She was extremely thorough, and walked me through the process of making simple changes to my diet – these had amazing effects that I experienced quickly, reducing my pain and alleviating my other symptoms. Margot took the time to help me fully understand my conditions and the negative affect my diet was having on them.

She made my nutrition program easy to follow and set realistic goals that worked in with my lifestyle. I now feel back in control of my body and I’m loving the results! Thank you so much Margot – I will be recommending your services to any of my friends experiencing health problems.

Katie, Dublin 2012

I started going to Carlow Nutrition Clinic a few months ago. I knew my diet needed to change because I was feeling sluggish and I was putting on more weight, I had high cholesterol and was worried about diabetes. I needed someone I could trust to sort out all the information about food and diet and just tell me what I needed to know and do. There is so much disinformation out there.

I am delighted with the results. The main benefit to me is the quality of the energy I now have. I am also calmer and sharper mentally. I have lost one stone and am on my way to gaining my right weight. I have taken up running which I would never have considered beforehand. My cholesterol is coming down and I am becoming fitter and healthier, also some aches and pains have mysteriously disappeared.

What really worked for me was that I could make the changes I needed without turning my life upside down and now I go back to get support and help to iron out any issues to keep me on track. I would recommend this course of action to anyone. It only costs the same as a few visits to the doctor and is much better for your health.

Mary, Carlow 2012

I was suffering from a number of serious health problems before I attended the Nutrition Clinic. Following a couple of hospital stays for serious illnesses, each time receiving huge doses of antibiotics, my digestive system was not functioning as it should have been and this was also causing severe and extremely painful inflammation in my joints. (The doctors don’t tell you about the side effects of antibiotics!). I had visited many specialists regarding my health problems and I received little or no relief from them. The Nutrition Clinic was recommended to me and I made an appointment to see Margot. After a very comprehensive review of my health history Margot started me on a number of natural health supplements as well as giving me advice on my daily diet. Within weeks my digestive system was functioning much better and in turn the extreme joint pain was gone. I have been able to return to work full time and I am very much indebted to Margot for all her help.

Roy, Castledermot, Co.Kildare 2012